“"I can't hear you"...Whoooo”
My husband and I went on this party bus during our honeymoon and we LOVED it! We had such a blast!! They first take you to a beach where you have a champagne toast whille seeing the sunset then it was off the dinner. They provided white rice with chicken and it was so delicious!! They offer you a Kukoo Kunuku sippy cups which gives you a discount at everybar. I think it was $4 everytime you wanted another drink in the sippy cup. Then you go to 3 local bars but since we had extra time, we ended up going to 4. The best bar we had the most fun in was bar #2! Mama was great! She kept the party going on the bus and at every bar. Everytime we were on the bus and we weren't making noise, she would say, "I can't hear you" and would go crazy!! I would recommend this attraction. Your going to have a blast!!!
Kylene G. , North Arlington, New Jersey