Kukoo Fun with North-American Journalists! - Saturday, September 13 2014

Recently Aruba Tourism Authority invited another group of North-American journalists to our beautiful little island, to come and enjoy all the perks Aruba has to offer. This 3-day Arubapalooza press trip proofs to have been very successful! The journalists from different famous media outlets like: DEPARTURES, Dine Magazine, Luxury Travel Mom & The Mom Reviews were taken to several significant Aruban experiences, one being the Kukoo Kunuku Tour! This has been the second trip organized by the Zimmerman Group to invite North-American journalist to the island and on a Kukoo Kunuku bus! Check out this great article by H Texas Magazine and this one by Wedding Bells, from the last trip,  both mentioning Kukoo Kunuku as a must when on the island! 

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