Kukoo Artists

Have you ever wondered who the artists are who bring the Kukoo Kunuku buses to life? Well if you’ve been on our Dinner Nightlife Tour or Pub Krawl you’ve surely already met them, Lee and Aska. Lee is from England and Aska came all the way from Japan, the two moved to Aruba 4 years ago and immediately joined the Kukoo family with their amazing talent for body painting our buses as well as our guests. Aside from their passion for art the two love to travel, they spend half their year in Aruba and the other half traveling and painting in various countries around the world.  Recently they completed the artwork on our latest bus to hit the road and it is truly a masterpiece.  Believe us when we say you are going to love our newest creation!! Get ready to create some new Kukoo memories with us on your next trip to our One Happy Island. 

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

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Kukoo Artists

Ever wondered who the artists are behind the brush...