Aruba Activities

Catch the Island spirit and get ready to paint the town red. The Kukoo Kunuku is all about making new friends and having FUN. Every night we cruise city streets and ramble down country roads in search of a great Caribbean party. With music playing, maracas shaking and a bus load of happy people the party has already begun. From a champagne toast at sunset to dinner under the STARS to a parranda (party on wheels) as we visit our favorite bars in Aruba, clubs and watering holes, the party is all about you. Our guests come from all over the world and are all ages, both young (minimum age 18) and old (we had a honeymoon couple aboard whose ages totaled 180 years - Mary Lou was 92 and Walter was 88. Our slogan sums it all up "The perfect way for the old and the reckless and the young and the restless to spend an evening in Paradise". Please take time to watch our videos and read our reviews on all Aruba activities we have to offer and then book your reservation. We cannot wait to meet you and share our island at night with you. We hope to see you soon enjoying the bars of Aruba with us.

The word Chiva in Spanish means bus and Parranda means party.  Put them together and you get a party on wheels.  For many years the Chiva Parrandera was a way of life in Colombia and Panama. In the wee hours each Saturday morning, the Chiva bus would make its rounds throughout the countryside picking up the village artists and farmers on the way to the cities markets. They would bring their handicrafts and produce and lash them to the roof rack making the bus look like a traveling circus with people of all ages surrounded by bags of coffee, bundles of produce, crowing roosters and perhaps a squealing pig or two.  On Sunday evening when the market closed, everyone would climb back aboard the Chiva for the ride home with pockets full of money after selling their wares. This is when the Chiva turned into the Chiva Parranda. Along the way, the bus would stop at local rum shops where the travelers would purchase seco and agardiente (local spirits) and hop back aboard.  Soon the bus became a party on wheels with musicians playing salsa music and everyone singing as they traveled along lonely roads under stary skies. 

Fast forward to Aruba – 1997 !!! The Kukoo Kunuku was born. The brain child of  Marcus Wiggins and Cindy Cynowa the first Kukoo Kunuku was a 1957 old Chevy school bus. Richard (Little Dick) was her driver and our guests often were required to get out of the bus to push start her so they could get to the next bar. That 1957 Chevy had a colorful past encompassing lots of stories, some better left untold.  She was retired in 2000 and over the next 3 years we created a fleet of  five Kukoo Kunukus, and the rest is history. Our guests are our best advertising and we are proud to say that every night approximately 40% of our guests are returning visitors to Aruba and to the Kukoo Kunuku. We wish you a great vacation and Aaaaaaaay Parrandaaaaaa !!! Let’s Party…..

Although we may have different birth places and speak different languages we all have one thing in common.  “We love Aruba and the Kukoo Kunuku”. We know you have many choices when it comes to vacation destinations and vacation activities.  We will do our best to help make your vacation experience extra special. Meet our Team of Characters.

Our Drivers:
Victor - Better known as”Grand Pa Vic”. He is a native born Aruban with a big smile and an even bigger heart.  He has spent the past thirty years working in tourism, 13 of those years behind the wheel of a Kukoo Kunuku bus.  He speaks five languages, has a perfect, no accident driving record and received the Aruba Shoco Tour Guide of the Year Award in 2010. 
Jaime -  Nicked named, “Mr. Smoooth” is our ladies man. Jaime takes great pride in playing the latest and greatest music along with teaching all of his guests how to dance the local merengue motion.  He has been behind the wheel of KK3 for the past 14 years and when he passes the office on a tour, his bus is always the loudest of the fleet. 
Carlos M -  Working with Aruba Adventures for over 22 years. Carlos specializes in Island tours. He is always ready to host his guests on an adventure around the island. He can tell a few tall stories and is now known as the Kukoo signing driver. He is recently also become a value member of our Sales team. 
Carlos V - Carlos, better known as ’Papi’, is one of the newest members of the Kukoo crew. He’s born and raised in Aruba, so he knows how to party Aruba-style! With Carlos behind the wheel you know you are going to have a great night out! 
Jairo - Our newest driver and host. After many years of teaching people how to drive, Jairo finally decided to go where the FUN was. Like magic, he appeared at out doorstep and we are thrilled to have him on our team. He’s got the gift of gab and is a true ambassador for our One Happy Island of Aruba. 

Our Hosts & Hostesses:
Gerla - Better know as Mama, she is our Kukoo Hostess with the Mostest.  Born in Aruba, Gerla epitomizes the spirit of the Kukoo Kunuku.  Lively entertainment, non-stop action and unadulterated fun!  For the past 15 years, she has been the leader of the Kukoo dancers, the chief mischief maker and the loudest cheerleader.  Gerla’s ultimate goal is to make sure the best night of your vacation is the one when you are on her Kukoo Kunuku.
Brooke - Known as "Cherry" Native of Holland but half Aruban and cute as can be. Brooke is the dancing princess who will teach you all the lastest moves.
Ricky - Our one and only “Big Daddy”.  Very large, huggable and loveable, Ricky has been a host on the Kukoo Kunuku for the past 5 years.  Aruban by birth, Ricky is not new to the world of entertainment.  He has been a singer in many bands, a DJ and his mission is to entertain his guests and show them a fabulous time on his beloved Aruba.
Janine - Our Kukoo Driver / Hostess / Operations / Sales and Champaign manager. A jill of all trades she wears many hats!  Born in Aruba, she is one of the friendliest people I know and after spending an evening with her you will surely agree.  
Richard - Richard, Aka “Little Dick” drove our first Kunuku bus, a 1957 Chevy, to our office after we purchased her.  He remained in the drivers seat for the next ten years as he painted the town red with his loyal Kukoo guests.  Today, you will find him at Moomba Beach greeting all our Kukoo guests on our Island Tour. He’s got a million tall stories to tell you and “Little Dick” continues to be a great goodwill ambassador for our company.
Chantal - Our Kukoo gal who never says no when there is a job to be done. Presently, studying to become a teacher you can find Chantal during her free time, working the Kukoo phone, selling at the retailhut or on the beach serving champagne taking pictures of our guests. 

Meet Our Office Staff:
Cheryl  - Our front office manager and chief telephone operator for the past 10 years.  She is a magician at taking reservations, answering questions and juggling office tasks.  Cheryl will be calling you soon to confirm your reservation and tour pick up times. 
Jacqui  - Our internet specialist for the past 10 years. Jacqui, born in the US has been an aruban native for 16 years. She handles all of our internet inquiries and confirms all internet reservations. She meets and greets all of our Cruiseship Island tour guests. Any questions, give her a shout by e-mail.  
Bill - Our Kukoo Kunuku maintenance hero. He loves a challenge and works diligently behind the scenes keeping everything ticking and running smoothly.  Heres a toast to no flat tires and our man Bill.
Marlene - Is in charge of our Accounting and all Financial matters. Feel free to email her regarding any concerns you might have! 
Asuncion  - Born and raised in Cali Colombia, Asuncion has been a native of Aruba for 18years.  For the past 10 years she has been responsible for making sure the buses are freshly painted and clean.  Asuncion, is our gal Friday.
Diederik - Our Digital Marketing guru in charge of our website, Facebook page and always seeking out new ways to spread Kukoo news to our old and new friends.

Meet the Owners:
Marcus & Cindy - 30 years ago, freezing and tired of  shoveling snow, they ran away to Aruba to find a little sunshine.   In a local rum shop one evening in 1996, they came up with an idea and a plan and the Kukoo Kunuku was born.  The rest is history.

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